Setting out of construction works accurately is a vital part of making any project successful.

Land & Marine Surveying have the necessary expertise to perform this work to a consistently high standard so your project will flow smoothly and “fit like a glove”.

Buildings that are 50m or more long cannot be accurately set out using a tape!  We use calibrated levels and precision total stations to give you the building corner positions to better than +/-3mm in X, Y & Z.

The proof is in the pudding. Recently we set-out the Automobile Association building at the corner of Fairy Springs Road & Fergusson Avenue at Rotorua. The site foreman came and told us when they offered up the tilt-slab pre-cast concrete walls, every one of them fitted perfectly 1st time which was a first for them. Their boss turned up in the afternoon to find they had erected all of the walls in the morning, and had progressed to other tasks – a record!

On another project, we set-out the foundations of a new building for High-Duty Plastics.  The owner was the project manager and played a significant role ensuring all measurements were to his satisfaction, being a precision engineer by trade.  We presented a detailed plan & spreadsheet demonstrating the measurements taken and the variations between these and the computed corner positions.   None of the residuals exceeded 3mm!! Needless to say the building was erected in record time with the pre-cast panel walls and pre-welded beams fitting perfectly!

The other benefit of engaging a surveyor to do this work is they can prove the relationship of the building or structure to the legal boundaries and certify to this for the owner, neighbour & council.  We think this type of check should always be made prior to pouring concrete as the owners curiously always seem more relaxed