Whether you are simply trying to determine your property boundaries to erect a fence or are embarking on a full-scale residential development, Land & Marine Surveying can help you realise your dreams.

From pre-purchase advice to appraising a property’s development potential and costs, Land & Marine Surveying will assist you from the beginning. You will save time, money and stress by engaging a company specialising in surveying, planning and land information.

The normal approach is to determine all physical (topographical) features on the land map these in 3 dimensions and relate these to the property boundaries, easements and covenants so your designer has all the information at his fingertips in the form of a CAD drawing (Computer Aided Design).

Information such as levels and the inclusion of permanent on-site reference marks is vital to ensure the building is set-out correctly and the floor levels will result in a structure being built that will comply with Council’s rules and conditions of consent.

All too frequently we find that owners and builders who skip involving a surveyor from day one pay the ultimate price – Non-compliance upon completion. Not a comfortable feeling when one then has to go cap-in-hand to their neighbour & council frequently carrying a large cheque, or engaging in protracted discussions or legal action.

In the case of subdivision, it is important for you to be properly guided through your project so that accurate time-frames & costs can be determined. We can assist too with the maze of communications needed to obtain such consents. By acting as your agent, to convey your plans to others, we save time & stress as we have the relationships, knowledge & experience. While it’s not ideal having so many parties involved, it’s unfortunately a fact of life, so we are here to help make this a more pleasant journey.

Increasingly councils, DOC, cultural groups and Transit NZ are requiring more information for them to make decisions. As technology is enabling us to present more information, these parties are wanting more and more at a high standard of presentation! We believe our modern computer systems & software, presentations and communication skills are what are needed to achieve successful outcomes without delay.

Depending on your experience & involvement in the land development process we can alter our role to suit your specific needs. If you are overseas and need someone to assist with managing your project, look no further!


Designing a structure relies on good site information, and depending on the site constraints (e.g. physical size, contour, stability of the ground etc.) in many cases this data needs to be properly collated prior to progressing to design.

At LMS we can provide you with the necessary information accurate to ± 0.02m in both vertical & horizontal to enable you to confidently start the design process.

What we see all too often is clients not wanting to spend the money at the earliest stage, and the repercussions that follow! For example a large building is built right up to the boundary of your property but the surveyor has not been engaged from day 1 to check the actual boundaries and the proximity of the existing building. We don’t think we need to describe to you the awful feeling the client has when he or she realises the building won’t actually fit onto the site.

Our involvement can start at the planning stage producing an accurate digital site plan with levels & boundaries, and progress right through to setting out of the structures, certifications of floor levels, coverage, day-lighting & any height requirements.

Our familiarity with legal boundaries, 3d position measurement, Council procedures & the building process makes us the ideal company to represent you and your client.  We act in your best interests always and will keep you well informed along the way. Isn’t this the best insurance for a successful building project?